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Modest updates for BAU 2021

Following a very successful BAU in 2019, preparations are already in full swing for the next edition in 2021. The changes this time will only be modest, following a major reshuffling of the exhibition sections last time with the construction of the new Halls C5 and C6.

What conclusions can be drawn from the experience of BAU 2019? First of all: BAU is becoming ever more interesting for international exhibitors. In 2019, a total of 849 companies from outside Germany took part—this was a new record. The trend among visitors is similar. Here, too, BAU set a new visitor record, attracting over 85,000 visitors from abroad. In particular BAU is drawing in more and more visitors from outside Europe, as evidenced in the numbers from Asia, for example (9,359).

Secondly: “The themes we introduced in 2019—of Light and Smart Building—worked very well,” said Exhibition Director Mirko Arend. The presence of many top exhibitors and market leaders in these fields boosted acceptance of the new themes, something that was confirmed in the visitor survey. 96 percent of the visitors rated the themes of Daylight and Artificial Light as “excellent to good.”

The other changes to the layout were also received well by the visitors, and above all: “They also went down well with the exhibitors,” said Arend. That applies to the repositioning of the sections on glass and chemical building products (now in Halls C3 and B6), as well as for the fact that the section on floor coverings took up two entire halls (A5 and A6) for the first time.

For BAU 2021, the basic composition of the halls remains unchanged, only modest adaptations will be carried out. For example, the nomenclature for Halls A1 and A2 is being extended to include “Modular construction” and “Architectural building materials,” in order to do better justice to the offering in these halls. The theme of “carbon concrete” now also features in the nomenclature.

Construction tools will again have a dedicated section. They will be on show in Hall C6—this is marked out in a separate color to the hall for chemical building products. More space is also being given to the theme of heating, ventilation and air-conditioning in Hall B2, in response to strong demand in this section. Hall A4 is being made even more attractive with the theme of marble featuring more strongly.

The job of planning the allocation of space for BAU 2021 is now getting underway. In the course of February/March 2020 exhibitors will receive placement proposals. And, to round off this update, a piece of good news: The early dates for the next BAU (January 11 to 16, 2021) mean that the exhibitors in the B Halls (+ 5 days) and the C Halls (+ 4 days) will also have more time to carry out their setup operations.

Published on September 19, 2019