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Acoustic-Lightboard® - Sound absorption of the "light" kind

December 9, 2019
  • Press event

For a long time, glass, stone and steel have been the preferred materials of modern architecture. These hard materials with their closed surfaces have a major disadvantage. They reflect all kinds of sounds and thus increase the noise level in interior rooms which is generally felt to be unpleasant and disturbing. With regard to pleasing acoustics in offices as well as smaller and larger halls, additional solutions for sound absorption have to be found.

Perfect integration in interior rooms
A solution is to be found in materials which have acoustically positive characteristics and which furthermore look good. With their Acoustic-Lightboard®, the company Richter akustik & design has developed the perfect surface for sound-sensitive rooms. By means of micro-perforation with up to 320,000 holes per square meter, the noise penetrates into the sub-surface, which consists of a dense honeycomb structure, where they are extensively absorbed. At the same time, Acoustic-Lightboard® is absolutely stable and ultralight, with a weight saving of about 70 percent compared to similar materials. For this reason, Acoustic-Lightboard® is exceptionally suitable not only for ceiling and wall claddings, but also for office furniture, mobile partition walls in large rooms as well as many other applications.

Veneers and laminates of the Acoustic-Lightboard® contain high-precision perforations with diameters of 1.5 to 0.5 mm, with the possibility of the front and the back being perforated differently. The edge stays unperforated upon request, and its width can furthermore be individually chosen for the most perforations. The interior of the Acoustic-Lightboard® consists of a dense honeycomb structure (made of recycled cellulose) in a stable frame construction and a black acoustical fleece.

Richter akustik & design opts for sustainability as well as for an ecofriendly and resource-efficient production. Optionally, Acoustic-Lightboard® is also available as an FSC-certified finish.

Receiving an award once again
Two years after having been launched in 2005, Acoustic-Lightboard® and other materials by Richter akustik & design received the award "Best of the Best" on the interzum Cologne.


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