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A power anchor for all types of applications

December 9, 2019
  • Press event

The fixings specialist fischer continues to break new ground with the further development of its FAZ II bolt anchor family. Latest achievements include higher shear and load-bearing capacities in large segments of the range as well as variable anchoring depths in sizes M8 to M16. The first approved bolt anchor with a cup nut and the introduction of the FAZ II with a diameter of 6 mm are true innovations in the field of fixings.

The new official assessment (ETA) increases the tensile load capacities of sizes M8 to M12 in cracked concrete by up to 10 per cent, and the shear load capacities by an average of 17 per cent, in some cases even up to 150 per cent. This results in quicker, more comfortable installation with fewer anchoring points and reduced costs.


The new ETA also allows a variable anchoring depth in sizes M8 to M16. It can now be precisely finetuned according to the respective load requirement. This allows numerous fixing jobs with shorter plugs, a smaller drilling depth and thinner concrete components to be implemented, saving both effort and money.

Small edge and axial distances and the variable anchoring depth allow optimal fixings under maximum loads, including near existing edges. The new ETA also regulates diamond set holes from size M8 onwards with the same loads as hammer drilling – ideal for use in hospitals and all other environments in which noise presents an issue.


With the FAZ II H fischer is providing the world’s first bolt anchor with a with a cup nut to have received an assessment (ETA). Its rounded head shape offers two distinct advantages. On the one hand, it prevents injury, for example through the protruding thread. On the other hand, its sleek design benefits the distinguished appearance of elements such as railings, balustrades, gates, and stairs.


The most recent developments also include the FAZ II M6 – the market’s first bolt anchor with a diameter of just 6 mm and an ETA option 1 for cracked concrete. It is suitable for fixture thicknesses of 10 and 20 mm. The small diameter and short anchoring depth of just 40 mm saves the user time, cost and effort. Loads are therefore reliably absorbed with little effort.


Overall, the bolt anchor FAZ II scores points with its high load-bearing capacity in cracked concrete and its suitability for numerous fixing jobs in various trades. The comprehensive assessment (ETA) permits secure fixings even of unusual attachments. The assessment also comprises seismic requirements in performance categories C1 and C2 for applications in concrete, which is a particularly sought-after requirement in other European countries outside Germany. The additional ICC approval permits the problem-free application in objects in the USA and countries in the Far East. Its approval for installation in drill holes filled with water makes the anchor an ideal choice for civil engineering construction sites. The temperature range for use in -40° to +80° is sufficient for all standard applications in Germany. The load-bearing capacity of the FAZ II has been tested for a fire duration of up 120 minutes. The option of using pre-positioned, push-through and stand-off installation mean that the user can opt for the most suitable method of installation for their respective applications. For the installation of anchor groups, for example, the first fixing can be placed through pre-positioned installation while additional fixings can easily be placed through push-through installation. When tightening the nut with a predefined torque, the cone bolt is pulled into the expansion clip which it firmly tightens against the drill hole wall. The anchor is able to carry loads immediately, which is an advantage if the assembly part is installed with a crane, for example, in which case additional waiting times should be avoided.


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